What's Important to You?

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You don't think about insurance every day. Maybe not at all. You trust that you're protected because you sign the check for the premiums and get the standard portfolio statement in the mail. But when was the last time your insurance agent actually called you to go over your coverages and accounts?

Preserving what's important to you - your business, your family and your future - isn't something your insurance brokers, agent or financial representative should be passive about after you sign on with them. Yet that's the approach many of them take.

At Certus NW we believe that preserving what's important to you requires a proactive effort. It means being diligent about ensuring you have the right coverage for your business, retirement, auto, home and life. It means maintaining an active partnership with you and keeping your portfolio working for you over the long term.

“Our approach is to tailor products and services to your specific needs, helping you protect and grow your wealth, and being proactive to help you make course corrections and adjustments as the needs of your life and businesses dictate.”
Jeff Johnnie, President, Certus NW

Life isn't a static state. Businesses and families grow. Dreams change and expand. You acquire assets and wealth, and you downsize from time to time. Certus NW has the services and products you need as your life and your business evolve, and as an independent firm, we’re able to find you the best coverage and products from the most trusted names in the business.

What's important to you?
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